Sony NEX 7 – A Bargain


My current line up of cameras change with some regularity with the exception of the Leica M9.  The M9 is without a doubt the most amazing camera I’ve ever owned, but it has limitations and isn’t always the right tool for the job.  Last summer I was searching for a small bodied camera with a large sensor.  I wanted it to be fast, have a few lenses available, something that was reliable and most importantly a camera that wasn’t too expensive.   After countless hours of research I landed on the Sony NEX 7.  I found someone selling a used one locally, met them at a coffee shop and came home with what would become my workhorse.

I'm not usually a fan of HDR, but the built in HDR mode isn't bad.  As an added bonus it is programable so you won't end up with that cartoonish fake look.
I’m not usually a fan of HDR, but the built in HDR mode isn’t bad. As an added bonus it is programable so you won’t end up with that cartoonish fake look.

The NEX 7 has an APS-C sensor in a fairly compact body.  It’s fast, portable and has decent ISO capabilities considering its pixel density.  This was also the first EVF that I thought was a decent substitution for an optical view finder.  Currently, this camera is a bargain.  Some stores still have new stock, but with just a little looking you can find these on the second hand market for $600 – $700 with the kit lens.


It is a bit of a polarizing camera.  People either find the form factor great and easy to work with or slightly awkward.  I am a fan of the form factor.  I like the tilting screen and the camera sits securely in the hand.  As far as looks go I’m not a big fan, but that’s all up to personal taste.  I lean more towards the classic looking bodies such as the Leica M series, the Fuji X100 cameras and the OMD line.



I have just uploaded a sample gallery of some  images I took with the kit lens.  Most kit lenses get bashed pretty bad for their performance.  This one has some drawbacks, but overall I was/am very impressed with what it is capable of producing.  The bottom line is that you are getting a very compact body with a larger APS-C sensor, packed with 24mp for outstanding resolution.  With a pixel density that high there are some compromises when shooting high ISO, above 6400, but even that is more than acceptable for what 90% of us need when posting to Facebook or emailing to friends and family. A gallery with full size images can be found here.

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