Great Photo Project


What a cool photo project.  Early yesterday morning we saw a line starting to form along the side of the Pantheon. It seemed odd, because normally people line up on the other side. We didn’t think much of it and headed out for the morning. When we got back we noticed that the line an grown and there was a medium sized truck parked at the steps of the monument. The truck was painted with as a giant range finder and then I noticed one person at a time was climbing into the truck. A few minutes later they stepped out and another person would climb in. This went on hour after hour.

Skip to this morning.  I step out onto the balcony of our hotel and look across and find several hundred poster sized portraits lined up neatly across the front of the Pantheon.

I’m not sure what the project was all about or the process they used, but the end product was very cool.

Mystery solved: Now I wish we were here to see the final installation.


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