About the Header – Bikes in Paris

A lonely bike in Paris waiting for its rider.
A lonely bike in Paris waiting for its rider.

I’ve been a fan of photography in its various forms for many, many years. But, more recently cycling has stepped into my life and pushed aside some of my time behind the camera. On weekends that I would have normally spent downtown roaming the streets shooting, I now spend in the mountains cycling. There’s been a little bit of friction between the two hobbies over the last couple of years with cycling coming out on top in a pretty big way. It has been interesting to look back through my photo galleries over the last couple years. The number photos taken while on the bike are taking up a much larger chunk of hard drive space. Over the last couple of months though, the leisure time has shifted back in favor of photography and I’m sure that some time down the road, cycling will start to take over again. It’s not good or bad, it is what it is.

One thing that has worked quite well is to start bringing a better camera on my rides, instead of my iPhone. I’m not one for carrying extra weight, and I really don’t have much room anyway, but I did try and find a reasonably sized camera that would be up to the job. I landed on the NEX7 as my riding camera. I guess you could say it has a good price:weight:performance ratio.

All of this brings me back around to the new header. I am much more aware of bikes. Bikes on the road, bikes in shops, bikes in media and bikes locked up on the side of beautiful Parisian streets on perfect spring evenings. This particular bike was locked up outside waiting for a rider. It was dark, the streetlights and the vehicles coming down the road made an excellent backdrop. I opened up the aperture, cranked up the ISO and came home with this shot. It could be my trifecta: photographing bikes in Paris, three very fine things.

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