First Outing with the Ricoh GR in Taipei


I had a chance a couple days ago to get familiar with the Ricoh GR in Japan, it was great, but I really wanted to hit some familiar streets back in Taipei. Tonight was my first chance to head out and try some street work with the GR.


Tonight’s settings: I shot raw+jpeg with the jpegs set to Black and White in the effects mode. This is a great combination, because the Ricoh puts out some great black and whites, but you still have the option to work with the raw file if needed. By the way, kudos to Pentax/Ricoh for sticking with the DNG raw format. ISO was set to Auto-Hi (custom ISO4000 max). Full Press Snap was set to On at 2.5m.

Added the GH-3 hood this afternoon.
Added the GH-3 hood this afternoon.

In general I was happy with the black and white jpegs as a starting point, but I did boost the exposure, shadow recovery and whites in most of the files. I also bumped the clarity in a few of the images to suit my tastes. I am certain you could get more out of the raw images and Silver Efex Pro, but for quick edits the Ricoh’s jpegs are a great start.

20140913-R0000344 20140913-R0000339 20140913-R0000333 20140913-R0000320 20140913-R0000313 20140913-R0000305 20140913-R0000293 20140913-R0000259 20140913-R0000261 20140913-R0000274 20140913-R0000278-2 20140913-R0000291

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