Thinking about Hong Kong

Being neighbors with Hong Kong means that any news about this unique city gets my attention. It is a vibrant city full of passion and people are demonstrating that right now with the Umbrella Revolution. This is certainly not a political blog or post, but all this news has me thinking about one of my favorite cities so I went back through my photos and dug up a few of my favorite images from past trips. These first few are a little different, because they were taken with a Fujifilm Instax 210 Wide camera. Long story short, my Leica X1 was stolen and I was left with the Instax as my only way to document our trip.

This next batch was from a trip to see the Hong Kong Sevens. I’m not a big sports fan, but this is just as much about the sport as it is an event. Think of Mardi Gras, Halloween and the Super Bowl all happening in one place a the same time, that’s the Hong Kong Sevens. The following photos were shot with a Leica M8.

The photos below were taken when my father came out for a visit in 2010. For two photographers, a trip to Hong Kong was ideal.

This was a great trip. I headed over to Hong Kong to meet Thorsten Overgaard and my wife surprised me with a Leica M9. A photography workshop in Hong Kong AND a new M9…perfect.

I’m headed back to Hong Kong in a few weeks for street photography weekend and I can’t wait. Hong Kong has been good to me and I wish them well during this difficult time.

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