Bitplay – SNAP! 6: Quick Field Review

A few months ago I came across a Kickstarter campaign for the Bitplay SNAP! 6 case, but was too late to get in on the initial batch. To my surprise while I was out shopping with my wife today I came across one of their cases on the shelf right in front of me.

Not only that, but they had the two lens conversion kit that attaches to the case. Needless to say I was pretty excited to see both of these items ready for purchase. As far as price goes I was surprised how inexpensive the case and lens kit were. I can’t recall what the projected retail price was going to be from their Kickstarter campaign, but I paid less then $40 for the case and $20 for the two lens kit. Not bad at all when you consider that it makes the already capable camera in the iPhone a much more enjoyable shooting experience.

Taipei crosswalk from above. (iPhone 6 with Bitplay SNAP! 6 and edited in VSCOcam)
Taipei crosswalk from above. (iPhone 6 with Bitplay SNAP! 6 and edited in VSCOcam)

The case really isn’t much bigger than any standard iPhone 6 case and is smaller than several other protective cases I’ve seen. The key to this case is its dedicated shutter release. If you recall, one of the main reasons I liked the Nokia 1020 was because of the ergo friendly grip and the dedicated shutter release. The grip on the SNAP! 6 isn’t as bulky as the Nokia 1020’s, but the benefit is that with the SNAP! 6 case your phone is still easily pocketable.

The mechanism for the shutter release is completely mechanical and is neatly hidden within the walls of the case and works perfectly. A Small added benefit is the ability to add a wrist or neck strap to one of the case’s three attachment points.

Being able to hold the phone in a more conventional way with the shutter release just below your right index finger is a huge plus for me. There’s no awkward bending of fingers to reach the shutter release and there is far less chance of introducing camera shake when taking photos.


  • Much more comfortable to hold in your hand when taking photos
  • Small, about the same size as any other iPhone case
  • Ability to add a wrist or neck strap
  • It’s mechanical, no battery drain
  • Less camera shake


  • Since the release button is actually triggering the volume down button you may inadvertently be lowering your volume
  • It’s plastic (I’d be willing to pay more for an aluminum case)
Unmistakeable, Taipei 101. (iPhone 6 with Bitplay SNAP! 6 case)
Unmistakeable, Taipei 101.
Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset
Walking and texting

I’ve only had a chance to take a couple photos with the two lenses: one macro and one 0.68x wide angle lens. The 0.68x wide angle lens give you the equivalent of a 20mm lens in 35mm terms and the macro lens is marked as 1.5x. The macro lens lets you get close, very close.

The dial of the Ricoh GR with the Bitplay SNAP! 6 case and macro lens.
The dial of the Ricoh GR with the Bitplay SNAP! 6 case and macro lens.

I’m hoping to get a chance to use the lenses more over the coming weeks and I’ll be back to share my photos and findings.

11 thoughts on “Bitplay – SNAP! 6: Quick Field Review

  1. Hi! How is going on with your snap!6? I’m looking for it and you are the only one that reviewed it! sorry for my bad english!


  2. I’m interesting in this case for its ease of photo taking, but I’m also curious about its actual abilities as a case. How is the protection level?

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