Spring in Paris – Breaking away from Black and White


I go to Paris and I think to myself that it should be represented in black and white, because that’s the image that has been burned into my mind from nearly every photographer that has had an impact on me. Given a choice I fall more on the black and white side of photography. In my eyes it seems to have more of an impact on the viewer, has less bias on the image and lets the viewer focus more on the subject of the image.

Weekend in the Park – (Ricoh GR with 21mm wide angle adapter)

On this trip, I forced myself into something new and wanted to exploit all that spring in Paris has to offer, in color. The shades of beige limestone that make up so many of the city’s landmarks and apartments is dotted with colorful flowers, plants and art. On top of that there are numerous green spaces sprinkled around the city. Finally, the skies over Paris are some of the deepest blue skies I’ve ever seen. Paris is full of color.

The Madeleine – (Ricoh with 21mm wide angle adapter)
East German Trabant outside of Gare de l’Est – (Leica M9 with 50mm Canon f/1.4 LTM)
Even underground, there's plenty of color to enjoy. (Ricoh GR with 21mm wide angle adapter)
Even underground, there’s plenty of color to enjoy – (Ricoh GR with 21mm wide angle adapter)
French blue door – (Ricoh GR)
Le Triadou Haussmann Brasserie – (Ricoh GR with 21mm wide angle adapter)

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