Paris Street Scenes – A few people, a dog and a pigeon

A few late afternoon shoppers around Montparnasse
A good example of snap focus at work

I’m missing Paris right now. When I get this feeling I often dig up photos from previous trips and each time I do I usually find something a little different or a theme appears that I hadn’t seen before.

Tonight I was going through photos from an April ’15 trip and found a few street scenes that stood out. Most of them were shot with the little Ricoh GR either at 28mm or 21mm. It is such a small unassuming camera and with the snap focus engaged it becomes the perfect street shooter.

One of the differences with this batch was that they were all captured as jpegs using the Positive Film preset. It was freeing to grab these on the street and have all, with a few exceptions to lifting the shadows, of the editing/post-processing done right out of the camera.

Walking home just off of Boulevard Montparnasse
Tour Montparnasse and Galeries Lafayette
Happy little guy in the afternoon sun



Checking messages
Somehow I just happened to fit in a bicycle shot

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