Kichijoji – Ricoh GR

At the bottom of the station’s steps you’ll find this packed little street.

We headed out to a new part of Tokyo last week, Kichijoji. This quiet, compared to Shinjuku, neighborhood is a 25 minute ride west on the Chuo Main Line from Shinjuku Station.

Getting our bearings before heading out of Kichijoji Station.

If you plan on visiting, leave the station via the Park Exit and you’ll soon see why this neighborhood is so appealing. As soon as you drop down the steps form the train station you’ll be on a very cool little street with tightly packed shops and restaurants.

We enjoyed Kichijoji so much that we hopped on the train the next day for another visit.

Just on the eastern border of Inokashira park

If you follow the crowds from the station you’ll probably end up in Inokashira Park. The park is about a 5-10 minute walk from the station. But, before getting to the park you’ll end up walking through some pedestrian only streets with some good look restaurants and boutique shops.


It happened to be a particularly beautiful fall day on our visit.




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