Fuji X-T1: High Quality, Low Price Grip


Like most accessories, there are dozens of variations to choose from. Fuji even has two of their own for the X-T1. At $160 and $130 I was a little more motivated to try something else so I turned to eBay once again. Unlike the cheap adapter in my last post, I’ll be keeping this eBay purchase.

Ordering and Pricing: I ordered this one from eBay seller hk-ishoot for just over $30USD including shipping. The grip arrived ahead of schedule and was nicely packaged.


I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of this item. The grip appears to be finely milled aluminum with a smooth dull/flat black appearance. There is some weight added to the system that you need to consider before purchasing it.

The grip adds 105g (base and grip) to the body. To put that into perspective the X-T1 with 35mm f/1.4 lens mounted weighs in at 625g. You may notice the extra heft, but for me the added stability and comfort provided by the grip far outweigh the 105g weight penalty.



Once you have it installed the camera is very comfortable in your hands. Your middle finger rests nicely in a grooved out spot and even the pinky finger has a place to rest instead of slipping under the body of the camera.

Thoughtfully, the screen, battery and SD card slot have not been compromised in any way. With the grip installed you have full access to all of the compartments. Another benefit is that with this grip installed the tripod mount is now located on the optical axis.

This was a solid purchase. Good price, well built, nice looking and most importantly it is functional.





*It should be noted that I have no affiliation with the seller of this product and I paid for the item with personal funds. 


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