FujiFilm – Settling in with a Wide Zeiss

Optical performance is outstanding. Sharp images, contrasty and bold colors.

In the last post I had only spent a few hours with the Zeiss 18mm f/4 ZM and wanted to hold back judgement until I spent more time shooting it. After a long weekend with it on the FujiFilm X-T1 (and the Leica M9) it’s not a stretch to say that it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite lenses.

Looking west at sunset.

On X-mount bodies this 18mm lens gives you approximately the sam fov as a 27mm lens on a full frame body. The fit, finish and feel are all top-notch, on par with its Leica siblings.

Bic Camera, next to Shinjuku Station West Exit, is roomy, bright and has just about every piece of gear  you could ever dream about.

Focusing with an 18mm f/4 lens isn’t much of an issue, especially when stopped down to f5.6 or f8. The depth of field at f8 is huge and requires little if any focusing.

Sake offerings at the Meji Shrine.
Outside of Shinjuku Station.
One of the walkways to/from Golden Gai.
Some of Shinjuku’s smaller streets.
Pedestrian crossing.
Yours truly hidden in the shadows.


  • Compact
  • Sharp in the middle of the frame wide open
  • Sharp in the corners stopped down to f5.6
  • Contrasty (this is a pro in my view, but my not be to everyone’s taste)
  • Beautiful, rich colors SOOC
  • Smooth focus ring
  • Clicks nicely into place on aperture ring
  • Reasonably priced ($800 used at time of purchase)
  • focuses down to .5m although rangefinder coupling stops at .7m


  • Out of production
  • OEM hood may be hard to find and expensive

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