Climbing the Pantheon – Paris

Looking over the front side of the Pantheon.

After a few years of renovations, the dome has been restored and is now open for visitors looking for sweeping views of the city. It’s not as high as other landmarks around the city, but it is still well worth the 200 step climb.

Unique perspective of the Pantheon’s interior.

The groups are led up the steps every half hour and last about 30 minutes. The maximum group size is 50 and the fee to climb the dome is 2 Euros. There’s no need to worry about the climb either as it is broken up into three different stops, so there’s plenty of time to catch your breath and grab some photos.

The first stop, the view from the gallery into the Pantheon give you a unique perspective, but the real treat, at least for me, was when we walked through the doorway to the terrace around the dome.

A steep set of steps on the way down.
Looking across the city toward Sacré – Cœur.


The monolith, Montparnasse Tower.
Looking over the back side of the Pantheon.
Church of the patron saint of Paris, Saint-Étienne-du-Mont.




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