Getting to Know the 50mm Summilux

I came across a deal for a 50mm Summilux the last time I was in Tokyo and finally picked up a lens I’ve wanted for a few years. I was quite happy with the 50mm Summicron and played around with an old 50mm Canon FD LTM, but always wanted the Summilux.

I’m about three steps outside of Map Camera and couldn’t pass up taking a shot of the new purchase.

Most of the time the 28mm Summicron lives on the camera, but there have been a few times I’ve wanted something with a little more reach a bit more speed. This 50 will fit the bill nicely.

Like the 50mm Summicron, it has a built-in hood, but unlike the Summicron this one locks in place. Another benefit, for me, is the addition of a focusing tab, something the Summicron lacked.

The lens has only been mounted a few times, but the times I’ve mounted it, it has performed as you’d expect, flawlessly. Leica makes some beautiful 50s and this one is no exception.

This empty billboard was just begging for a subject to walk by.
Triangles, sunlight, and shadows around the arena.
Predictably, beautiful colors come out of this lens.
Primary colors waiting to cross on a cool evening.
Ominous looking skies overhead.
If there’s a crosswalk, I’ll probably park myself somewhere nearby and shoot.

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