A Lotus Exige and a Fuji 16mm f/1.4 R WR

Today’s track weapon, a Lotus Exige. Funny side note, I didn’t even notice that amazing sunset until I was looking at the photos in post. My mind was solely focused on the track.

A few weeks ago I got behind the wheel of a track prepped Lotus Exige, a day that I will not soon be forgetting. I knew this day would be busy, full of adrenalin and I wouldn’t be too focused on the photography so I wanted to bring something that would suit the conditions.

Trying to decide what gear to bring wasn’t hard. I knew that it would be cramped quarters and possibly a rough, dirty environment in the garage and pits. The most logical choice was to go with the Fuji 16mm f/1.4R WR mounted on the X-T1, a proven, reliable setup.

My view as the day started to draw to a close. This image is a screen grab from a Sony FDR-X3000 action cam, an amazing action camera.
The office of the Exige. Fortunately, the wheel is removable for easier entry/exit from the car. This 16mm ended up being a perfect choice for the day.
A wide-angle lens with insane depth of field control. BTW – Felt really good to drive a manual gearbox instead of a flappy paddle gearbox or an automatic.
It’s tight in there. Again, the 16mm turned out to be a good choice for today’s shooting.
Not much room for the feet either.
The heart of the beast.
Mechanics checking up on the car between sessions. Besides the acceleration and handling, I was very impressed with the brakes. I experience zero brake fade that day while other cars clearly had brake fading issues.
Lightweight + Power = Track Beast
The Lotus, resting after a long day on the track. Can’t believe I missed those purple skies!
Yeah…that’s a (big) smile under that helmet.

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