Ricoh GR: Positive Film

Gare Saint Lazare. Paris, France.

I’m not one for using preset jpeg effects often, but I’ve come to like one from Ricoh quite a bit. The Positive Film effect on the GR suits my tastes. I don’t usually use presets because a BIG part of the photographic experience for me is spending time in post-processing working on images. But, there are exceptions.

I’m sure there is a preset out there in some photo editing suite that can replicate the Positive Film effect, but I haven’t found it and there’s really no need to go out searching for one since the GR nails it every time.

Great reds. Taipei, Taiwan.
From the top of the Tour Montparnasse. Paris, France.

Even at its default setting, from what I can see it looks like the image has a bit of extra saturation, is slightly warmer and has visible vignetting in the corners, even when set to weak. If you dive into the Positive Film effect a little further, via the Fn2 button you can set up the preset more to your liking.

Below are the settings I’ve used on most of these images.

Menu dive a bit and you can make further adjustments to the Positive Film effect.


The Effect button is placed out of the way.


Alki Beach, Seattle, WA.
Inokashira Park, Tokyo, Japan.
Baishawan Beach, Taiwan.
Jardin du Luxembourg. Paris, France.
A spot in the sun. Paris, France.
The Triadou Haussmann, Paris, France.


6 thoughts on “Ricoh GR: Positive Film

  1. Nice post. I too am a fan of Positive Film. Outside, I bracket in Standard and Positive Film. I set Positive Film at Vividness 5, Contrast 4 and Sharpness 6. I’ll try yours. Do you use Auto WB? I’ll try your settings soon. U have a white Ricoh GR IV. It’s basically the same as later models, smaller sensor. Gordon Ovenshine Pittsburgh


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