Fair Play – A Collection of Street Cats

Tough guy in an abandoned field. Taipei, Taiwan.

A couple weeks back I posted a few photos of dogs that have shown up in my photos over the years. That got me thinking about cats and I started combing through a few years of photos and found a few street cats I have come across here and there.

extracted_tokyo november 2011-577-Edit
Hanging out. Tokyo, Japan.
Gaurd cat. Mid-levels, Hong Kong.
Closed for business. Mid-levels, Hong Kong.
Pampered beach cat. Kohk Kloi (Phuket), Thailand.

This pampered cat, above, was at the Aleenta Resort when we were there a couple years ago. Being cat people ourselves we were happy to have the company of this cool little black cat while we were away from our cats. This guy lives the life.

This guy has a tough appearance but ended up being very friendly. Taipei, Taiwan.
The Inspector. Mid-levels, Hong Kong.
In the shadows. Taipei, Taiwan.

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