Astrophotography in The Maldives with the Fuji X-H1

I’ve never been an astrophotographer, but have always admired and have so much respect for their work. I picked up the X-H1 just 12 hours before a trip to the Maldives and thought I’d give astrophotography a try. I spent most of the flight getting to know the new camera, it’s similarities/differences from the X-T1.
I originally thought the Maldives would be ideal for astrophotography, but I have since learned that warm, humid air is about the worst possible condition to shoot in. The moon is quite bright in the early evening right now, so I waited and woke up just before 4AM and headed out to a moonless sky. I wasn’t really sure where to look in the sky, so I started by pointing up and shooting randomly. I ended up finding a nebula just above our villa. After an hour I headed back into the room and started editing. It was a fun night.
My to-do list: learn more about what I’m actually looking at and learn more about the processing that goes into astrophotography.
If you’re an astrophotographer, please jump in with tips/tricks/advice you have. Thanks.
Gear: Fuji X-H1 & 16mm f/1.4.

5 thoughts on “Astrophotography in The Maldives with the Fuji X-H1

  1. Hi Steve – great shots. What ballpark aperture and exposure did you use for these – single shot or multiple shots layered? I have an x-t1 myself and I enjoy using when I have the time – Fuji controls and layout are terrific. What is your impression of the x-h1 ergonomics and handling vs x-t1. How about image quality vs x-t1?

    I shoot voigtlander and Zeiss M lenses on my x-t1 (and also on a Sony a7rii) – just to keep it compact – but I prefer to shoot with the Fuji – but I would like a little more resolution. I do have the Fuji 18mm and 27mm lenses as well.

    Maldives goes on the bucket list after seeing these shots!

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    1. Hello!

      I was using the astrophotographer’s 500 rule for exposure. Basically, divide 500 by the effective focal length of the lens to get maximum exposure time before you get star trails. The images abover are single images that are processed in Lightroom.

      To keep it short, the ergonomics of the X-H1 are much better for me than the X-T1. I bought the large metal X-T1 handgrip (MHG-XT) because it was more comfortable. By the time the grip is added it is much closer to the size of the X-H1. As an added bonus, I love having the shutter release at the end of the grip instead of on top of the body.

      As far as IQ is concerned it appears that you get an extra stop out of the X-H1, BUT with the benefit of IBIS you come out way ahead.

      For me, it was a very solid next step from the X-T1.

      Happy shooting!

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      1. Exif viewer shows that every photo here was taken with 16mm. Can you double check the shots info? I came here for 56mm shots lul

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