Tokyo with the Ricoh GR and Positive Film

It’s getting to be an old story, but the Ricoh GR keeps shining years after buying it. I’ve come to really like the Positive Film setting, more and more. The Positive Film setting gets me about 90% of what I want. After import, I might push up the whites a bit and lift the shadows a little in Lightroom, but that’s about it.

There’s definitely a distinctive look to Positive Film. A bit of vignetting, the colors are rich and the shadows are deep; all of this together just suits my tastes, at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Tokyo with the Ricoh GR and Positive Film

  1. Just found this incredible site thanks to Dave Powell. I just received my Ricoh GRII and I’m loving it, perfect ergonomics and as you mentioned, the jpegs are fantastic. I’m still experimenting a bit since I like to go for lower contrast and saturation but Positive Film with a bit of tweak is doing an excellent job for now.

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    1. Hi Peter – Thanks for the kind words. Dave’s a great friend and talented photographer. The Ricoh GR has been treating me well for so many years now and I don’t plan on dropping it from the rotation any time soon. I am so glad you’re enjoying the Positive Film effect, of all the jpeg presets I’ve tried on different cameras, this is the only one I like and use often. Cheers!

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