New and Used Camera Prices in Japan – Quick Links

Map Camera’s site is comprehensive and even with the translation, it can be cumbersome to navigate. I started this list as a personal group of shortcuts. In the end, I thought it might be helpful to others so here you go, a list of links to some of my frequent searches.  Map Camera has been my main source for numerous reasons. Map Camera has a huge inventory of new and used gear that spans just about every possible kind of photography that interests you. Prices are competitive and there are some good deals on used gear from their VAST inventory.

A happy purchase from Map Camera

I’ve bought new items from Map, I’ve bought used from Map, I’ve sold equipment to Map and I’ve traded in gear. Their grading system for used equipment is honest, reliable and slightly on the conservative side, which is a good thing when buying used gear.

Here’s an initial list of quick links to certain brands, and equipment that I have looked into in the past. If there’s something you’d like me to add, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the list. Cheer and happy shopping!

Leica Gear

Leica Film Bodies

Leica Digital M Bodies

M Mount Lenses

Zeiss ZM Mount

Leica Compact Bodies

Fuji Gear

Fuji Interchangeable Lens Bodies

XF Mount Lenses

Nikon Gear

Nikon Full Frame DSLR Bodies

Nikon APS-C SLR Bodies

Nikon F AF SLR Lenses

Nikon F AFDX Lenses

Nikon Compact Cameras

Canon Gear

Canon Full Frame Bodies

Canon APS-C Bodies

Canon EF Lenses

Canon EF-S Lenses

Canon Compact Cameras


Ricoh Camera

Olympus Gear

Olympus Bodies

Olympus Lenses

A Note About Languages

*Buyer Beware* Based on my observations, it appears that Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Fuji have English menus built into the firmware. Sony and Panasonic only appear to have Japanese available in their domestic market bodies. There are conflicting reports out there, but from what I’ve read there is no simple firmware fix to change a domestic market camera to allow you to access English menus. When I’ve shopped for cameras in Japan, Sony often has a section called “International Export” aka bodies with languages other than Japanese.

My advice is to treat every purchase from Japan with some caution with regards to the menu and do not simply assume a body has an English menu available.


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