Shibuya with the Leica M240 and 35mm Summilux


It’s been a while since I last shot the 35mm focal length because it seems the 28mm has become permanently glued to the front of my M240. I have grown to love the 28mm FOV more and more, it’s one of the reasons the Ricoh GR has been part of the collection for so long.

Anyway, with the generosity of a friend, I mounted the 35mm Summilux (ASPH FLE to be precise) and headed out for an afternoon of shooting in Shibuya. It was refreshing to jump a little closer into each scene without getting into people’s faces. I found it a comfortable compromise of grabbing the surroundings as well as being just intimate enough to feel the personality of the scene.

I’m probably not going to get rid of the 28mm Summicron anytime soon, but I may end up with a 35mm lens sometime in the near future. Maybe the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4?




And…a little splash of color from a small temple buried in a small alley in Shibuya.

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