Long Shots with Fuji’s 90mm Masterpiece – A Photo Review


Most of the time I’m shooting street with a 28mm or 50mm mounted to the Leica. However, 50mm is about my limit for focal length when shooting the Leica. Nailing focus with a 75mm or 90mm lens can be a little tricky with a rangefinder. That’s where the Fuji X-H1 and the 90mm come in.

When I was shooting a Canon 5D, my favorite lens was the 135mm f/2 L. I loved shooting with that lens and it was hard to leave the system just because of that one lens. I have gone a few years without anything decent in that range until recently when I picked up Fujifilm’s 90mm f/2 beauty.


Even though the look of the lens has nothing to do with its performance, it is a bonus when it looks the part and the 90mm certainly looks the part. The build quality is solid; Fuji has packed a lot of glass into a relatively small lens and the optics are just outstanding. Without a doubt, it’s on par with my old 135mm.

I picked this copy up, used, at Map Camera a couple weeks ago and it’s been mounted on my X-H1 ever since. Whenever I pick up a new lens I typically leave it mounted for a while so that I can get used to its FOV and strengths/weaknesses.

At this point, I am still looking for its weaknesses.


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