The Jupiter 8 (Zorki) Lens for Leica in Pictures

On my most recent trip to Japan, I ended up buying one on a whim and haven’t really had much of a chance to give it a proper outing. What I can say is this, it is a beauty. Well worth the price even if you just plan on looking at it on your shelf. 

The little Jupiter 8 (Zorki) is on the left, the 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 in the middle and the Leica M240 Titanium with the 50mm Summilux mounted.

I’ve read about this lens for years and I have to admit that I’m still learning about the incredible history of how this lens came to be. I would encourage you to take a look at this fantastic site for reference: Take a look at their comprehensive site to get an in-depth look at the entire Jupiter 8 (Zorki) range. 

It’s a gorgeous lens. 
Just for fun.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll get out and grab a few shots. Until then, just take a look at this beauty!

Freshly purchased! Thank you to everyone at the Leica store at the T-Site in Daikanyama, Tokyo. They were incredibly helpful.

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