Tokyo Neon – Fuji X-H1

The images displayed were all shot using the Fuji X-H1 and either the 56mm f/1.2 or the 90mm f/2.

On the last couple of visits to Tokyo, I started collecting images saturated with neon. It’s been fun and a lot more tricky than it may seem. There is neon everyone, so that’s not the tricky part. The trickiness comes from the enormous amount of dynamic range needed to properly expose the bright neon and the darker shadows within a single capture. I think many would turn to a stacked HDR image to do this properly, but that’s not my thing since I’ve only traveled with a tripod once or twice in the last 20 or 30 trips. For this assignment, I needed to rely on the dynamic range the Fuji’s 24mp sensor could provide. 

This guy was just looking too cool not to shoot.
That sky blue car just grabs my eye every time.
I’m guessing many of you already know this corner.
Had to spend a little time in the median between lights for this one.
Cobbles and neon.
Always a crowd in Shinjuku.
There are street lights, but are they needed?

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