people-running (Medium)

Just after the first wave hit, people thought it was over and started walking back toward the beach. What no one really knew was that there would be a second wave. Unfortunately, this wave was much, much more powerful and caused most of the destruction.

My inflection point in photography has a very specific date, time and place. It happened the morning of December 26, 2004. We were vacationing in Phuket, Thailand when the tsunami hit. I grabbed my camera and started documenting everything I saw. The one thing that photography couldn’t do was capture the the panicked screams and the sounds of destruction in every direction.

After posting this image online, it was picked up and spread quickly. At this point I started to realize, first hand, the impact that a single image can have on others. Though I doubt I’ll ever capture an image as dramatic as this one, it’s been my goal to capture moments in time that have some kind of a story behind them. Some of the stories may be small and only relevant to one person, but there’s still a significance to every photo. Another interesting byproduct of this experience was that it released me from trying to achieve technical excellence. There are many things that are technically ‘wrong’ with this image, but it still works for me. The story behind the image far outweighs the technical qualities.

*Copyright Info* If you are interested in using any of my images please contact me for more information.  Thanks!

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