Views from an Airplane Window II

One little tip I picked up was to go out and buy one of those cheap, screw on, rubber hoods. The flexibility of the hood allows you to shoot at different angles without bringing in reflections of interior cabin lighting. In most cases holding a blanket up over the window is goofy looking, but sufficient.

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Happy New Year from 38,000 feet

We were somewhere over Eastern Europe when the Captain got on the intercom and announced that it was officially 2010. The flight attendants came out with champagne and everyone had a toast, and then in our case, quickly returned back to sleep. Where ever you were and who ever you were with Laura and I […]

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Video Test

We are trying to make some video clips available on seattlesteve.¬† Click on the image and it should take you to the video hosted by Google Video. Diving in the Red Sea 32 sec – Aug 8, 2007 (click on the image above to start video) Description:¬†Small wreck just off shore from Hurghada One of […]

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