The Best Compromise

It’s all relative. Given the fact that all of the following photos were taken with a phone I think it is impressive. In order to combine my passion for photography and cycling I’ve had to make some compromises. The biggest compromise is the weight and size of photo gear. Weatherproofing is a factor, but that’s […]

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Views from an Airplane Window III

Like many of us, I’ve had a lifetime full of flying and probably 40+ transpacific and transatlantic flights. Even with all those miles and hours in the air I still find myself staring out of the window for hours. For me, it’s a unique perspective that never gets old. We recently finished a trip from Taipei-Tokyo-Seattle […]

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Views from an Airplane Window

It doesn’t matter how old I am or how much I’ve flown, I still love grabbing the window seat on every flight, long or short. I’m sure there are others out there like me that not only stare out the window, but also enjoy grabbing a few shots. Going back through my catalogue of photos I’ve […]

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Above Tokyo

We’ve spent the last two Thanksgiving weekends in Tokyo visiting our friends Dave and his wife Mayumi. Both of those times we stayed in Shinjuku with a westward facing hotel room with views of Shinjuku Central Park, the Park Hyatt, Tokyo Opera City Tower and Mt. Fuji. Regardless of the time of day I found […]

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