PAD #81 – Waiting

Our cat Millie loves this spot in the bathroom.  She is sitting on the edge of the bathtub waiting for someone to lift her up to the windowsill above.  She’ll cry and cry and cry until we give in, and yes, we always give in.  We’re not sure how it started, but she’s developed a […]

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There are many stray dogs and cats in Taiwan. Previously these animals were euthanized, which made only a small dent in the growing animal population. Now the policy of the animal organizations here is to catch-neuter-release—there are too many to place in homes. We have been feeding several strays in the neighborhood and ended up […]

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Kittens to cats

Millie’s feet in the sun I vowed not to make this a ‘look at our cats’ blog so the amount of entries with Pixie and Millie have been very limited, maybe too limited. These photos are by special request from someone special in the Orlando area. You know who you are. Two of my favorite […]

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  Pixie and Millie went in last week to be spayed and came home with shaved bellies, four stitches and very kitten friendly (not really) orange cones.  They were fairly drugged up for the first few days and had trouble walking because of the medication and the awkwardness of the big cone.  All of the […]

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Crock Pot Kitten

  We couldn’t resist taking a picture of Millie sitting in the crock pot, although we usually shoo them away when we catch them on the table. We had just made ribs so I think she liked the warmth. We’ve been trying to keep the kittens off the table, but as everyone knows, cats have […]

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Two New Friends

   Pixie (on the left) and Millie (Right) when they are about 6 weeks old. It’s time to officially introduce two new friends of ours, Millie and Pixie.  About four months ago we were put in contact with an animal rescue group.  After several emails we received a message saying that they had three young […]

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