Seattle Summers

Summer in Seattle begins on July 5th. It always has and always will. We often get a reminder of what the sun looks like and feels like in early May after hiding for six months and then the sun hides itself for another six weeks until its return on July 5th. It is because of this […]

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The Sky

Sunrise, stormy skies, blue skies, rainy skies, cloudy skies, blue skies and sunsets. We saw a lot of different weather over the month we were home.  The following shots were taken over Seattle, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

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The third time is not a charm

We’ve had two typhoons already this year. The first one wasn’t much more than a rain storm, the second one brought in a little more rain and wind, but neither one was even close to the strength of Krosa. Typhoon Krosa with gusts to 145mph is causing a lot of problems in Taipei. The eye […]

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This just in…

About 5 minutes ago the Taipei government canceled schools and businesses for the upcoming typhoon, Wipha.  It doesn’t look as powerful as the one a couple weeks ago, but apparently the government thinks otherwise.  I sure am glad we have all those emergency rations from Emma.  🙂

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