Sunday Picnic in the Park

Today’s start was very different than yesterday’s. Unfortunately, we lost an hour due to the time change overnight, but that didn’t matter too much since we had a solid 7 hours of sleep. I think that yesterday’s marathon walking session was great for ridding our bodies of jetlag. We started off with a delicious breakfast of […]

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Jardin du Luxembourg – My Home

Twelve years ago on our first visit to Paris I walked into Luxembourg Gardens and knew that this was a very special place.  It was the middle of winter, the trees were bare, the flower beds were empty, the iconic green chairs were sitting in the rain, empty.  Luxembourg Gardens is a bit of crossroads […]

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Herb Garden

Here’s the herb garden. Our apartment is on the ground floor and we have a really nice little garden patch (about 2 feet deep by 25 feet long) along the side of our house. Unfortunately, as city people, Steve and I aren’t very capable in the yard and for the last year it has been […]

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