Ricoh GR: Positive Film

I’m not one for using preset jpeg effects often, but I’ve come to like one from Ricoh quite a bit. The Positive Film effect on the GR suits my tastes. I don’t usually use presets because a BIG part of the photographic experience for me is spending time in post-processing working on images. But, there […]

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The Ricoh GR as a Cycling Camera

Cycling is a healthy sport, great cardio and low impact, especially¬†on the knees. But, for me, another important part of this sport is getting out into the mountains, clearing my mind and taking photos. Most of the photo taking is done with my mobile phone, which works for most situations, but it¬†is nothing like bringing […]

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The Ricoh GR – Five Years On

I’ve gone through a few cameras over time, but this old friend sticks around and continues to impress. It’s a formula that ticks every box for me: lightweight, large sensor, fantastic 28mm lens, perfect ergonomics for the size and a straightforward interface. My biggest complaint is the poorly placed exposure comp button that tends to […]

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