Environmental Portraits of Family, Friends and Strangers

When I’m behind the camera one of my favorite subjects to shoot is environmental portraits. It is also one of the hardest things to do. Putting a camera in someone’s face and releasing the shutter can be intimidating. It feels slightly uncomfortable and I don’t want the subject feeling uncomfortable. As a photographer I feel compelled to demonstrate respect […]

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Seattle Summers

Summer in Seattle begins on July 5th. It always has and always will. We often get a reminder of what the sun looks like and feels like in early May after hiding for six months and then the sun hides itself for another six weeks until its return on July 5th. It is because of this […]

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About the Header – Three Friends

Living overseas has sometimes been very difficult.  It’s full of adventure, nothing is easy, nothing is predictable and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.  Our family, friends and culture exist 7,000 miles away across a large ocean, but we continue to remain overseas by choice.  There’s something addicting to the chaos of an unpredictable […]

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An Unexpected Trip Home

It’s finally check-out time After a surprise visit home a couple months ago I assumed that I wouldn’t be making a trip back until next Christmas, but there were other things in the works that would bring me back home a lot sooner. Unfortunately my dad was suddenly admitted to the hospital for double bypass […]

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Seattle Surprise Visit

Nothing better than being a total geek on the couch Someone was very surprised After returning late one night from Phuket I jumped on a plane early the next morning to surprise my dad with a quick birthday visit. I would have flown around the world two times just to see the look on his […]

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