Red Sea Diving

Back on the surface after 50 very enjoyable minutes on the bottom.  One of the parts of our trip to Egypt that I was looking forward to the most was diving in the Red Sea.  I’ve always heard that the water is amazing, full of life and clear.  The visibility for each dive was at least 20 […]

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14 Days in Egypt: Part V Hurghada

This is the only view we wanted for the next seven days.  Showing up in Hughada meant that we would be getting lots of time to sit around and relax.  The sunsets on the Red Sea were perfect every day.    Just in front of us was the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Looking at the pool side […]

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Not Your Usual Commute

Going between Luxor and Hurghada was an event in itself.  Surprisingly, there are no flights between the two.  Both are fairly good sized cities with a huge tourism industry.  Luxor has several monuments surrounding it and Hurghada is a beautiful Red Sea town with several hotels hugging the crystal clear coastline.   You just can’t […]

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14 Days in Egypt: Part III The Nile

Boarding our Egypt Air flight to Aswan.  Domestic airfare was ridiculously inexpensive.  The one hour flight to Aswan was only $20.  Leaving Cairo, a city of 20,000,000, for the relative calmness of sailing down the Nile was starting to sound pretty good after some very busy days touring the city.  We boarded our US$20 flight to […]

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14 Days in Egypt: Part I Cairo

We just got back from 16 days in Egypt.  We toured Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada.  Cairo and the pyramids were more breathtaking than you can imagine.  No matter how many photos, Discovery Chanel shows or IMAX movies you’ve seen about the pyramids nothing prepares you for the size and technical perfection of these things.  […]

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