14 Days in Egypt: Part I Cairo


We just got back from 16 days in Egypt.  We toured Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada.  Cairo and the pyramids were more breathtaking than you can imagine.  No matter how many photos, Discovery Chanel shows or IMAX movies you’ve seen about the pyramids nothing prepares you for the size and technical perfection of these things.  Our hotel was across the street from the pyramids and we ate breakfast and had dinner on our balcony overlooking the pyramids each day.  It was unbelievable.


The view from our room.  You can’t beat a view like this.  As the sun set the pyramids would be lit up and were even more amazing.


Laura on her way down from Khufu’s pyramid.


Steve having a seat on Khufu’s pyramid.  The Antiquities Police will allow you to climb up a few steps to the tomb’s entrance.  Climbing any higher than this will get the quick attention of the police.

We hired a licensed Egyptologist and driver for two days to take us around to some of the main sights: the great pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx, the step pyramids, the Cairo Museum, the Citadel and the Alabaster mosque.  Hiring a private guide and driver is the best way to make use of your time if you’re only there for a few days.  Each day was exhausting as the tempratures were well into the 100’s.


Laura having a seat on Khufu’s pyramid.


The Antiquities Police keeping a watchful eye on the tourist.

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