Gas Station Dinner for $100?

As crazy as it sounds it’s true and was worth every penny.  This took place over the summer during our Yosemite trip, but the irony of this experience still comes to mind so I thought it might be worth blogging about.  We had been shooting in the Tioga area for a few hours and were […]

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Yosemite Part II

Besides seeking out some of the more remote parts of the park there are some iconic photos that need to be taken, even if that means being elbow to with 35 other photographers with their tripods and bags of equipment spread everywhere. After staying in this spot for several hours, all the others had cleared […]

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Yosemite Part I

When Laura and I arrived in San Francisco we spent that day and night at some of our favorite spots.  The next morning Laura’s friends and my dad arrived from Seattle.  Our vacation become two separate trips.  Laura and her girls would spend the next few days shopping the streets and San Francisco while my […]

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