Subway Lines – Tokyo

After leaving Shinjuku station it doesn’t seem possible, but there are a few stops here and there that a not crowded, at all. Usually, the crowds make for great people photos, but the beauty of the station is often lost in the masses of people. This particular stop wasn’t crowded, it was well lit, had […]

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Tokyo: Showa Memorial Park

We’ve started a traditional Thanksgiving migration to Tokyo. Our schedules give us a small window in November to make the three and half hour flight to Tokyo for a few days of shopping, eating and sightseeing. If things continue as planned, we’ll be heading to Tokyo again this November for another visit. On our trip […]

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GR vs M9 vs RX1r

There are three main cameras that I rely on, the Leica M9 the Sony RX1r and most recently the Ricoh GR. There’s no need to go into too much detail with the M9; it’s an ‘old’ camera by now and has dozens of excellent reviews scattered around the web. The Sony RX1r is newer and still the […]

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