It’s a Scooter Life in Taiwan

Even going into our ninth year in Taiwan I still shake my head in amazement at the sheer number of scooters in Taiwan. Being a scooter owner since the third month of our arrival I see and fully understand the appeal. There’s a three times rule with cars vs scooters. If it’s 20 minutes on […]

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We are a city of scooters

  I took a little ride downtown last weekend to see a friend at Taipei’s annual camera exhibition.  It was pretty much a geekfest, and I was happy to be one of them.  The fortunate news is that I only spent nt$200 (US$6) and it was on a completely non-photography related item. Anyway, there were […]

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Scooter names

By far the most common private transportation on the streets of Taipei is a scooter. Laura and I add to those numbers by frequently making the short commute to school on our scooter. Rain or shine we know that if we need to get somewhere quickly it will have to be by scooter. Driving a […]

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