The Ricoh GR as a Cycling Camera

Cycling is a healthy sport, great cardio and low impact, especially on the knees. But, for me, another important part of this sport is getting out into the mountains, clearing my mind and taking photos. Most of the photo taking is done with my mobile phone, which works for most situations, but it is nothing like bringing […]

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The Best Compromise

It’s all relative. Given the fact that all of the following photos were taken with a phone I think it is impressive. In order to combine my passion for photography and cycling I’ve had to make some compromises. The biggest compromise is the weight and size of photo gear. Weatherproofing is a factor, but that’s […]

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The Other Hobby

It is interesting to look through my Lightroom catalogue and see month to month and year to year trends in my shooting habits. The catalogue starts back in 1998 with my first digital camera the Apple QuickTake 100. (It was as advanced then as the most recent digital camera is now, but back then it was […]

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