Life Behind Bars – The iPhone is Still the Best Camera for the Bike

Combining two of my hobbies, cycling and photography has been challenging at times. I’ve tried carrying larger mirrorless camera, small sensor digital cameras and larger sensor digital camera, and here it is, the iPhone (or equivalent) is simply the best camera to bring with you for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s compact and easily slides into your jersey pocket.
  2. Recent mobile phones are water resistant and if not can easily be made so with any number of solutions. A good ol’ ziplock worked perfect for me for many years.
  3. You might even be using a fitness app such as Strava anyway, leading me to my next point.
  4. It’s probably with you anyway.
  5. Finally, the image quality is just getting better and better. The biggest drawback at this point is lack of reach. With the exception of a few, most cameras will give you 2x optical zoom at best.

One thought on “Life Behind Bars – The iPhone is Still the Best Camera for the Bike

  1. I used to use a digital SLR quite a lot, I think from memory it was a Canon EOS 400D. Since getting a modern iPhone I haven’t touched it. While the iPhone isn’t as customisable with aperture and zoom, it fits nicely in my jersey pocket! 🙂


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