Great Photo Project

What a cool photo project.  Early yesterday morning we saw a line starting to form along the side of the Pantheon. It seemed odd, because normally people line up on the other side. We didn’t think much of it and headed out for the morning. When we got back we noticed that the line an grown and […]

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A couple years ago I stopped updating and started concentrating on my other blog,  The blog was originally intended to be more of a platform for discussing the technical aspects of photography, cameras and other gear.  It just didn’t take off in the way I had hoped.  Tonight, I exported the 24 entries […]

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Leica Exhibition

Standing in front of my peers and speaking is one of my greatest fears. The peer group I look up to more than any other are my fellow Leica shooters. And tonight was all about sharing my photographic passion with my peers, so you can imagine I was a bit nervous. About four weeks ago, Leica Taipei […]

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An Invitation by Leica

A few days ago I was contacted by a Leica store to display five photographs for an upcoming exhibition.  I have to admit I was very surprised and at the same time flattered they would offer me space in their store.  The easy part was accepting the offer, the hard part was choosing a theme. […]

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