Leica Exhibition


Standing in front of my peers and speaking is one of my greatest fears. The peer group I look up to more than any other are my fellow Leica shooters. And tonight was all about sharing my photographic passion with my peers, so you can imagine I was a bit nervous.


About four weeks ago, Leica Taipei asked me to present a small body of work. Leica’s tagline is My Point of View, which is exactly what they wanted, my point of view of Taipei as a foreigner.



The exhibition would consist of 5 printed pieces and one photo book. Choosing five photos from 10,000+ photos I have shot in Taipei was a huge task.  The exhibition was part of Leica Taipei’s first anniversary celebration, and I was asked to speak about my background and how a Leica helps me accomplish my photographic goals.


In the end the event went well and it was an enormous honor to be asked to speak in front my photographic peers. Thank you to Leica Taipei, my friends and my family that have supported and encouraged me.


The final selection of prints:







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