Views from an Airplane Window

It doesn’t matter how old I am or how much I’ve flown, I still love grabbing the window seat on every flight, long or short. I’m sure there are others out there like me that not only stare out the window, but also enjoy grabbing a few shots. Going back through my catalogue of photos I’ve […]

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Bangkok at Last

We finally made it. After a four hour weather delay in Hong Kong we made it to Bangkok. Of all the airports to be stuck in Hong Kong is probably one of the best to be stranded. On top of that, we did the unusual and upgraded to business class on Cathay Pacific. Cathay’s Business […]

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Inside the hongs

One of the islands we first explored. It’s hard to see here, but along the waterline there are very small caves. At certain times, when the tide is just right, you can find a cave that goes into the hollowed out center of the island. The day after Christmas we took an all-day (10-hour) boat […]

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