The third time is not a charm

We’ve had two typhoons already this year. The first one wasn’t much more than a rain storm, the second one brought in a little more rain and wind, but neither one was even close to the strength of Krosa. Typhoon Krosa with gusts to 145mph is causing a lot of problems in Taipei. The eye […]

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This just in…

About 5 minutes ago the Taipei government canceled schools and businesses for the upcoming typhoon, Wipha.  It doesn’t look as powerful as the one a couple weeks ago, but apparently the government thinks otherwise.  I sure am glad we have all those emergency rations from Emma.  🙂

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We’re just fine

Last night around 1:50AM we woke up to a nice little earthquake.  It felt much different than the Seattle earthquakes we’re used to.  This one felt like a huge amount of horizontal movement.  The blinds were rattling, the hanging lights were swinging and the kitchen utensils were dangling.  When we got to school this morning […]

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Sepat’s Come and Gone

Typhoon Sepat turned out to be much less potent than originally thought.  I did head out for a short errand and saw some trees down and branches all over the road, but structural damage wasn’t seen.  Everyone along the main streets had their storefront windows taped up and every store and all the malls were […]

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We Finally Get to Meet Sepat

After tracking typhoon Sepat for the last week we finally get a chance to see what all this is about.  It’s nearly 11PM right now and all is calm outside.  There were some times when the wind started to pick up and the rain was heavy, but that must have just been one of the […]

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