LeicaTraveler.com Meets SeattleSteve.me

A couple years ago I stopped updating SeattleSteve.me and started concentrating on my other blog, LeicaTraveler.com.  The blog was originally intended to be more of a platform for discussing the technical aspects of photography, cameras and other gear.  It just didn’t take off in the way I had hoped.  Tonight, I exported the 24 entries […]

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Updated Photo Sets

The Flickr gallery has been updated to list most items in chronological order.  It’s still could use some work, but it certainly looks a lot bette than it did earlier this morning. Paris, Tokyo, Cairo, NYC, Seattle, Bali, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Florence, Borneo, Lombok, Hong Kong, Venice, Rome, Singapore, Chicago, San Francisco, Melbourne, Munich, Phuket, Chaing […]

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Gear News and Reviews

You may have noticed recently that a new page appeared across the top of our main page called Gear and Mini Reviews.  That page quickly started to take on a life of its own so I created a new home for it at Gear News and Reviews. Point your browser to: gearnewsandreviews.com to read all […]

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Photo and Movie Gallery

We’ve been working on a photo gallery for a few weeks and finally added some movies too.  Since we don’t have a dedicated video camera, everything has been shot with a digital still camera, hence the poor quality.  Anyway, it’s something a little different.

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Finally Found the Fix

First of all, we are still here and haven’t moved to another country without telling anyone and secondly I’ve finally solved that irritating pop up window that was appearing under your mouse when you rolled over an image.  Apparently, WordPress updated their software and installed a few extras.  For me, I found the pop up […]

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