Environmental Portraits of Family, Friends and Strangers

When I’m behind the camera one of my favorite subjects to shoot is environmental portraits. It is also one of the hardest things to do. Putting a camera in someone’s face and releasing the shutter can be intimidating. It feels slightly uncomfortable and I don’t want the subject feeling uncomfortable. As a photographer I feel compelled to demonstrate respect […]

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Last Couple of Days in NYC

I have a problem.  Only one of my lenses is six-bit coded, and it’s the lens I use the least. My other two, the 35mm Summilux and the 50mm Summicron aren’t coded either so I manually code them via the menu.  The problem is that I rarely change lenses and when I do I rarely […]

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Going Wide in New York City

I’ve been shooting NYC with my father and we both decided to shoot wide for a day.  He was shooting his Olympus E-P3 and thesuperb 12mm f/2 and I mounted a 21mm Zeiss Biogon to the M9. As you probably know, my normal rig is the M9 and 35mm Summilux, but sometimes you need to change […]

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The Leica X1 is Back!

After losing my Leica X1 last month I have been in a bit funk. The X1 is a special camera, It’s not the fastest reacting, it’s not full of features, nor does it need to be, and it is priced at a point that doesn’t agree with everyone.  The one thing that most people agree […]

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NYC – First 24

Back in New York City for Christmas.  Over the last six months I’ve made three roundtrips from Taipei (45,000+ miles) to this wonderful city.  I came here for the first time in June this year and couldn’t believe it took this long to get here.  I thought about all the photographs I’ve missed and figure […]

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