The Ricoh GR – Five Years On

I’ve gone through a few cameras over time, but this old friend sticks around and continues to impress. It’s a formula that ticks every box for me: lightweight, large sensor, fantastic 28mm lens, perfect ergonomics for the size and a straightforward interface. My biggest complaint is the poorly placed exposure comp button that tends to […]

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San Francisco in Black and White

I am partial to black and white images.  To me it feels like there’s less distraction from the colors and more focus on the subject or story being told by the photograph.  I feel like the Leica in combination with their lenses produce some of the best b&w photos I’ve come across.  Technically I won’t […]

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San Francisco Part II

San Francisco’s tasty treats were a fun part of each day. In the last post I was talking about how much we missed Mexican food, and how it’s really the only kind of food that’s missing overseas.  There is the occasional Mexican cuisine, but nothing like we get in the States.  This place, I think […]

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