GR vs M9 vs RX1r

There are three main cameras that I rely on, the Leica M9 the Sony RX1r and most recently the Ricoh GR. There’s no need to go into too much detail with the M9; it’s an ‘old’ camera by now and has dozens of excellent reviews scattered around the web. The Sony RX1r is newer and still the […]

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Thinking about Hong Kong

Being neighbors with Hong Kong means that any news about this unique city gets my attention. It is a vibrant city full of passion and people are demonstrating that right now with the Umbrella Revolution. This is certainly not a political blog or post, but all this news has me thinking about one of my favorite cities […]

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Environmental Portraits of Family, Friends and Strangers

When I’m behind the camera one of my favorite subjects to shoot is environmental portraits. It is also one of the hardest things to do. Putting a camera in someone’s face and releasing the shutter can be intimidating. It feels slightly uncomfortable and I don’t want the subject feeling uncomfortable. As a photographer I feel compelled to demonstrate respect […]

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I am a big fan of crosswalks. It came about mostly by accident because the urban landscape is full of busy streets, people and crossings. Plus, you get the benefit of having various groups of people just waiting to walk toward you every 60 seconds. It’s hard to define the genre of street photography and I […]

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Weekend Trip to Hong Kong

It’s great to have a place, not too far away, that you can get away from everything.  A place in the same time zone, a place to leave your work, pets, bills, grocery shopping…leave it all behind.  For us this local get away is Hong Kong.  I would have to rank it up there with […]

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