A new low?

Dear friends,

I believe I have hit a new low.  Living in Asia means that you see Hello Kitty paraphernalia EVERYWHERE  you can’t escape it!  We have planes painted in the color scheme and our airport has an entire lounge section dedicated to this theme.  It’s on shirts, socks, shoes everywhere and we are not fans.

It has been hot lately and a popsicle hits the spot sometimes.  Laura and I scooted up to the local grocery store and I was looking for popsicles and they only had one brand………………Hello Kitty.  Needless to say, I set my dislike of the billion dollar brand aside and bought into their trap.  I’m sorry.


All wasn’t lost on our trip to the store though.  We found a someone on the sidewalk with boxes of fresh peaches and sampled them.  They tasted like candy.

2 thoughts on “A new low?

  1. I’m pretty sure there were other kinds of popsicles at the grocery store. I think you purposely chose the Hello Kitty ones.


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